Aligned with my desire!


I am allowing all I have ever dreamed of.

Today is Christmas Day and the most sweet and meaningful circumstance brought me here to start up this blog page so “Buenos días, mundo!” in the way I greet the world every Sunday morning on my podcast Virmacreations . I am liking it!  :)

I asked my son Jorge to give me a surprise gift for today.  I needed to reignite the girl waiting for Santa inside of me, yes!  :)  So when we were at the grocery store yesterday afternoon already tired after few chores, I reminded him about my gift.  I really, really wanted flowers, but I knew it would not be practical for him to hide them.  After a while he asked me what to do and I said:  “Jorge, all I know is that I want a gift, you will figure it out.  Do not worry.”

When I saw him with a bag, I though he had bought me a magazine (which I truly like), so I prayed he had in mind the type of ones I read and enjoy looking at.  This morning, somewhat in pain due to my monthly reminder of being a woman :), I was staring at the roof hoping Jorge had bought me a wedding magazine.  I got tired of standing the pain and meditation at that time was out of a question, so I went up to the kitchen for some ibuprofen, and there it was.

Jorge, my Santa, had left a silver very shiny bag on my island in the kitchen.  It felt great getting what was inside.  I was astonished when I realized it was a book.  Inside of the book was also a greeting card I had emphasized to him I wanted.  The title of the book is “Friendship is a blessing” Inspirational Reflections on Friendship.  Walking on clouds and crying I brushed my teeth, took off the make up from the night before, had my ibuprofen and sat avidly to read the book.

I had a clear thought while walking down the sofa with the book on my hands: “This book is taking me somewhere, a place where confirmation will speak loud and clear to me.”  So, I had read almost half of the book already, when I saw a reflection written by Melody Carlson on exactly the same topic I had written a blog on the night before: ¿Un acto de amor ocasional o uno completamente consciente? I wrote about how acts of consciousness or love are not random at all and defined what they really are for me.

I was in such awe that I kept looking for signs about the publisher of the book and Melody, I researched more about Thomas Nelson Publishers and found out they have a program called Book sneeze for reviewing books.  I saw that they have a ample catalog of books in English, even in Spanish, so I got excited and registered.  Unexpectedly, the registration form asked me for my blog.  I thought I was going to be able to use one I am keeping only in Spanish right now: . It would have been matter of opening a page for my English blogs, but guess what?  It took me to here: Word Press.  :)

You would be surprised:  I have thought about having a blog here for the longest time, but it always felt like it was too upstream.  Today it took me seconds!  And if you are not surprised enough yet, moved by my 15 years old  gift, I asked him why he had bought a book for me about friendship.  I was really hoping hearing back from him a “because you are my best friend.”  Well, guess what again :), he said:  “It was the only book left after only another one called God is tough, deal with it.”  I cannot hold my laughter, yes that is me!

I appreciate that he knew God is not tough for me, so I do not need to deal with Him.  I appreciate it was the only book left possibly a gift for me.  I appreciate it brought me here.  And finally, I appreciate even more that all this is coming to me because I am allowing it.

All is well,



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