Does spirituality matter?

The Voice inside of me

As Catholic children we learned spirituality does matter.  It just happened that what made us believe so back then was really the fear and guiltiness that others think is needed to make us do what they consider spiritually “correct.”  All of us have been there, haven’t we?

And then you become an adult and go through life complaining about all that you have to do in order to get something out of that God after you are very dead.  So finally, you realize that you care not about all of it.

Still, not really done with it, all that rebellion stirs up often enough and then is when the interesting part of the ride begins.  You look for ways of feeling happy because you are convinced we came here to have a good time.  And, at times, you sort of feel bad because the source of your fun has nothing to do with what you thought was good or acceptable in God’s eyes.  Sometimes, you are so determined to feel good anyways, that divorcing from that God left by the early years is the most logical end to the story.

For many, the journey back to what We Are takes time, a new life far from family, children, broken relationships, etc.  But for every one of us and every single time it all started with the certainty of a tiny little voice coming from within, the powerful voice of our Inner Being.

The voice of our Inner Being never extinguishes, accepts the name you want to give it; our Inner Being guides us even when we think is too dark and we might be considering hiding as an option.  Our Inner Being does not know fear and guiltiness because is not a judge.  That voice and you are One Consciousness.

There might be many roads of getting back to listening to it, but the certainty of getting Home is yours to define, experience and design at all times in your life.

Spirituality does matter because life matters, because you want to have the best life you were meant to have without divorcing your very essence: the Source/God inside of you.

Happy and delicious spiritual life every single day!

Virmared Santiago


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