OWN owns!

The power of your desire!

Needless to say: lots of expectations knowing who Oprah is for millions of people all around the world.  Yesterday was launched OWN, the new endeavor of our delicious Oprah Winfrey.  And, allow me to say:  OWN owns!

Most of my time on TV yesterday was spent on OWN and, as usual, either HGTV and Food Network.  Initially, I wanted to blog about the two programs I was so expecting yesterday night: Candice Olson’s  “Candice Tells All,” and Oprah’s Season 25: Oprah behind the scene.

Candice is my “diva like” designer I have chosen not to live without :) and Oprah is the media, empowering woman I have looked at for many years.  Oprah means many things for very different people, but for me, it is her determination for being happy with herself and sharing so with others, what makes me admire her.

I recorded the shows in case I decided not to watch them at the scheduled time or was late from walking.  Anyway, I was on time so I started watching Candice’s, though once I changed the channel to OWN, I lost interest on it and kept watching mostly Season 25: Oprah behind the scene. Since I am not into the journalist looking for drama that Oprah is, I have been distanced from her show, but this show last night brought me to the side of her I most adore:  her conviction of being the creator of her reality, her assurance that she has it all to be, do or have anything she wants.  What can be better to watch on national TV  on primetime? :)

I loved the first episode, the season premiere one.  It was for me a testimony of grandiose minds and production, enthusiasm, excitement, profound personalities and passionate team work with viewers in mind.

I am glad she decided to go over this type of shows because the production aspects they bring up are fascinating.  I hardly did anything else during the transmission of the show, which is a lot to say when you have a remote control that gets you almost anything you want in seconds. :)

Watching the show I felt inspired, moved and appreciative of what I see I can become when I listened to my Voice.  I am very much looking forward to keep in touch with the network.

Success is attained in so many ways, so many times in a lifetime or even a day, that having the privilege of being, in some way, part of it for any human being has been a dream for me and perhaps, that is why I literally would love to be the one giving away all the gifts and surprising viewers and followers.  :)

Seeing her thriving and exploding of joy feeds my soul so abundantly. There is nothing as seeing a woman like her or millions of other owning their lives.

Own your life, write the delicious book of your life so passionately others will not resist doing the same and expand with you.

Best wishes, Oprah!



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