Dating Abraham-Hicks style?

I am in the search for a meaningful moment with you.

I am amazed with a video a friend from Facebook posted on his page today about dating Abraham-Hicks style.  Once at home from work and after I have had dinner, I have enjoyed a huge testimony of how law of attraction works.  This video is what I have attracted after a conversation at work and some thinking I have been activating. So this  is what happened… after working on my midterms :) , yes! just like that, we are now going over all that task!,  I was talking about dating and the type of relationship I want in my life now than I am 42 and I am living the best time of my life.  I have spent the last 5 years getting into alignment with myself and what I want and, as a consequence, I feel very appreciative of all I have manifested and not manifested, no question.

Now, in some way, I was not feeling too happy about the topic when I initiated the conversation, but as I kept talking to my co-worker about all this, I entered a state of reaffirmation and conviction that placed me right back into my vortex again.  :)  I am a very happy woman in all ways, a happy mom, teacher, daughter and sister.  I have embraced being single and how things has happened, therefore I am asking from a place I was not asking years before, which makes me feel relieved and with many positive expectations.

Is about choosing what point of attraction to set so it all falls into place effortlessly and having as sole premise to have fun now, to have the most meaningful experience now.

I know I am close to dating  Abraham’s way: “profusely, passionately, freely with no strings.” And the best thing of all is that I feel I understand much more what it really means and excitement is what I am feeling all about.  Yes!!

I am so excited about the content of the video,  I want you to listen to it and share the clarity it has given me.

Hope you enjoy the video and a song I dedicate to that significant one that already is in my vortex with me every time I open myself to only have fun with him:

Happy life and much love,



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