Pomodoro Technique Illistrated-Staffan Nöteberg

The sweet passion of reading and writing.

Writing has always been a passion of mine.  Yesterday, while going through the facebook page of a much talented entrepreneur I have interviewed for my podcast on Blog TalkRadio VirmacreationsJavier Buckenmeyer’s, I found the page and work of Ángel María Herrera Burguillo, a fascinating entrepreneur, as well, with an impressive and captivating history on literature and publishing online.   I was reading his most recent post on his blog and started sneaking on David Guerrero’s, comment to it… well it is legal to do that, isn’t it LOL :)  So, I read his comment to Ángel María about “pomodori”, a technique contained in the book Pomodoro Technique Illistrated of Staffan Nöteberg.

The book is about how to work less while accomplishing more.  Staffan suggests all you need is a pencil, paper and a kitchen timer… easy, don’t you think?  :)

Today, I have printed the sample chapter that explains briefly what a “pomodore” is.  Surprisingly, I found myself reading about something I do often during my planning period at school when I am grading. It makes me feel great because I have experienced first hand the effectiveness of what he suggests and talks about in his book.  I will take the opportunity, also to thank my former chairperson, Dra. Ela Alvarado, who once told me she always grade tests by section, which took me to benefit from the power of focusing while grading.

I am very much looking forward to read the book and buying a kitchen timer for developing a stronger power of focus.  Staffan has a blog you can visit, as well, http://blog.staffannoteberg.com/ .

I am posting a power point presentation about the method he has posted on Slide Share that can be of much help:

Talking about resolutions, which is nothing more than focusing and aligning with your desire!?

Enjoy the adventure, reader of mine.  :)



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