Sandra’s money saving meals

Happy eating!

Ok, I will confess.  There was something about Sandra Lee that I never liked.  She has grown on me at the same time that my resistance to some topics has disappeared from my life.  Doesn’t that feel great!  :)

“Sandra’s money saving meals”, is the show that I love the very most of her.  There is something about her practicality that always seduces me, but in this show all about her image (she looks so young and refreshed) and the production of the entire show makes me feel great about cooking.  :)  Yes, I can get excited about things like it.

Her trademark Semi-Homemade cooking style was already very clever.  But now her budget-friendly recipes for every day of the week are even more simple than ever. I have never looked for any budget friendly recipes and these are so much fun and creative you can hardly understand how they get to us as a mean for saving. LOL

And what I love the very very very most: the highlighting of each meal’s total price point. Who knew?  I spend hours in front of the many shows on Food Network and never see something as clever as that highlighting.

The entire production/decoration/outfit of Sandra is thought to delight people who love style, bright spaces and practicality, like me, of course :) .

And then, like if it was not enough, Sandra then prepares the clever leftover dishes from each episode called “Round 2 Recipes” – one in the show and another on  Amazing!!!!

I appreciate the production involved on the show and her work and will keep looking for those “Round 2 recipes.”  I do not love cooking, but I do love cooking in a happy mood.  When cooking delights me, my son certainly enjoys.

Thanks, Sandra!


Enjoy one of her videos!


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