Walking off your pounds of resistance: a Leslie Sansone gift.

Love my body!

I found Leslie Sansone as a result of my very “wishful thinking” few years ago.  I do not workout every day, rather every other day.  And, I admit I will do it when I am no fitting my pants.

I like simple things and start gradually is critical so I do not get frustrated.  I knew I was going to find something as I wanted it,  and Leslie’s walks is all that.  I am following her assignments at iVillage and just today I found two successful stories that used her walks.  Both ladies are members of  Sparkpeople.

These two ladies are Judi and Bonnie. They have done an amazing job inspiring me for my workout with Leslie at iVillage.  They enjoy the same I enjoy: walking off weight without setting  foot outside… now that is extra, mega, awesome :)  When I go outside it is because I really want to experience nature.    As Leslie says, you can not get it wrong when walking.  I suggest you start with the two mile walk and then the 3 mile.  I vary the music to make it more interesting but never get away from the basic steps of her if it is not for plain and delicious dancing -which I love!, that is how much it works for me.  :)

Give yourself a chance to connect with your body and dance to the rhythm of the joy of a body in movement. The freedom of controlling your life is worth the journey and Leslie’s “Good job” at the end of her two mile walk is worth much appreciation for inspiring us.

Happy walk, delicious people!



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