The Power Base Life by Mike Flynt





Are these words, one by one, talking to your soul? Are you dancing to the voice inside of you that reminds you of God?

If you have answered “yes” to these two questions, this book will resonate loud and clear on you.

Mike Flynt’s, latest release, The Power Based Life is a call to remember who we really are and where the power of your life relies.

Flynt invites you, in a truly heartfelt way, to live by trusting God’s Master Plan for each of us. In doing so, we are declaring our lives power based.

The journey of reading through his book becomes a meaningful encounter with Flynt’s power based principles to help you manifest your dreams and live the life you were meant to live.

Few things might be as seductive to our spirits as a ride through the life of someone as honest and as full of determination as Mr. Flynt’s.  All of his accounts are designed to engage readers easily, to inspire, and enlighten them. You will appreciate all the Biblical references throughout the book supporting his proposal of inspiration and his stories about his passionate and significant relationship with football –first as a college player and then as a coach.

This is a great book for anyone on the path of reassuring what we are and what life we are meant to live as children of God.

Brilliant moments of connection I had with the author and his message:

Chapter 1: Power Base: Play to Your Strengths

Chapter 3: Mindscape: Cultivate a Winning Attitude

Happy power based life!  :)

Virmared Santiago

P.S.  Talk about power based life!  Please enjoy Mike Flynt’s video taken from his website:

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