Ask and it is given: a wake up workout for me! :)

I love my body!

I have been experiencing a very bad pain on my right shoulder.  And more recently, the pain is getting all over my neck and the other shoulder.  Knowing what sickness is–at least in my world– I have been taking care of the type of thoughts I am generating.  But at the same time, knowing also that my body is pure energy, I have attracted today a “Wake-up workout”, where I expected it the least–in a magazine rack in Walmart–, but wait was not a fancy/popular magazine either, it was PreventionGuide.

Tomorrow first thing in the morning I will start with it because I want to see how can I make it mine and adjust it to what I want, some sort of warming up waking in my vortex, type of thing LOL :)

I want to thank Jessica Knadler for such an informative, practical and cute article right at my hand.  Jessica is also keeping a very interesting blog with such a good taste that immediately invites you to read it and taste it, you will see what I am talking about.

PreventionGuide/Wake up workout/Jessica Knadler

Hope you enjoy it!

Delicious workout, darlings!  :)



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