Dulce Candy87 and the art of being a happy talented fashion blogger!

Shine, you are beautiful.

As I have shared before, I love surfing the net.  So, when I am so at my vortex, meaning, when I am so happy with all I am  and all that surrounds me, I find exquisite beings doing the same.  :)

That is what happened with a fashion blogger I love: Dulce Candy.  She is dulcecandy87 on youtube but also has a website.  There are thousands or millions, I am sure, of young women doing what she does, each of them have something special and a unique way of manifesting the millions of followers that they nurture on a daily basis with their videos, reviews and brilliant ideas.

5 things I enjoy and appreciate about Dulce Candy:

She has a very simple and genuine style of communicating.

She is very honest in sharing what works for her and is not afraid of being natural or of speaking a lot, like me!  :)

She uses a variety of products: expensive and not expensive at all.

She is a mom so people like me relates to her even when I am in my forties already.

She is very practical and is so inside of her “bubble” (so very healthy!), she does not care she is most of the time looking at her self on the mirror rather than to the camera LOL. I lover her!  :)

Here is a recent video of her.  Please browse for much more of her with enough time because you will fall in love with her ways.:

Much love,



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