What a feeling!

I had an awesome day yesterday, as usual :) I finished with midterms at school and left early. I was able to get fingerprints done, finally!!!!! And then, I waited an hour for my son’s dismissal. I know, I can do things sort of silly. But the thing is that while waiting I started sinking on a sea of boredom. I did not like the way I felt so immediately tried to raise my vibration with happy thinking. All of a sudden, on 93.9 (love it), I started listening to Irene Cara’s gold song What a feeling. The entire song reminded me so well of the role of thoughts, visualization and law of attraction I was ecstatic.
OMG, it felt so awesome the raising feeling on the story of the song I was able to understand entirely for the first time.  Yes, for us, Puerto Rican people, when you come to the states and become fully bilingual, this type of discovery feels like a miracle after being singing a song you understand only half way.  LOL

So now, I bought it on Itunes, of course, and I was wondering what had happened to Irene.  I found her website and what she’s doing now.  She is a MONSTER :)  I am very, very happy for all she has accomplished and she continues to manifest.

Enjoy this video and remix of sergioluna80s

Love ya, babies!



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