Dancing With the Stars: Kirstie Alley

There is something about Kirstie that I love.  She can get so aligned with herself and be so funny that the girl inside of her pick a boo at you in so a sweet way.  I really really enjoyed this interview and wish her so much success in her adventure on Dancing With the Stars. Her sense of humor is irresistible! :)

Love delicious, people!






“Isabel Allende tells tales of passion”


I adore her as a writer, as an outstanding storyteller!


Enjoy, delicious people.


Aaron Zimmer NYC/ Zimmer TV

Aaron Zimmer


I really enjoy “surprises”… I just checked my youtube channel and stumbled upon an amazing project: a web reality series about being a musician in NYC.   With this production, Aaron Zimmer delivers interesting and very attractive content not only for those like me that are passionate about music, but also for the billions of us that know how delightful it is to follow your true desires in absolute freedom.  I very much believe what he states at the beginning of the trailer:  “The music business doesn’t so much exists any more…”  Listen to his proposal about what it means and how most bands and singers develop and grow these days.  I completely agree with him and know and feel the joy he must be experiencing while taking absolute control of his product.

Best wishes for this reality series and his new brand record!  :)

Virmared Santiago