‘On The Floor’ By Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)

This new song “On the floor”can work wonders for JLO.  I immediately liked it and actually see her dancing to it.  Awesome! It has what the past song with Pitbull did not: good vibe.  Is an outstanding club song that anyone in the world can dance to.  Congrats!


I have just attracted another song for my daily 15 minutes Oxycise workout :)  How God is that?

I am so watching the premiere on American Idol this Thursday March 3rd.  :)

Enjoy the video teaser, delicious people and dance to it!





Aubrey Lee

Almost ten years ago a co-worker in Cincinnati talked to me about a book he had borrowed from the library.  I do not remember the title but I have never forgotten what it was about.  I still even have some photocopies he made for me.  :)  Oh, Randy!! Good pal!  The book suggested a technique for losing weight,  a non traditional one and so simple it almost sound “silly”.    Oxycise is all about breathing in and out as your only workout to lose weight.  It started with Jill Johnson, maybe 30 years ago and now her daughter, Aubrey Lee is doing the same in a so renovated and appreciated way.  I gave it a try back then and I saw it working.

Recently, after few months of really been enthusiastic about losing some weight so I can fit in my current clothes :) I got so tired of the routine and here I am desiring again feeling the wonder of the oxygen in my body, it is so easy and satisfying setting some time aside to focus on only breathing without scoring any results I will give a try again.  We never get it wrong because we never get it done, so there is so much to gain.  We never stop desiring, how awesome is that??!!!  :)  And the best thing of all is that I know it works because there is nothing more powerful than focus/attention to what you want combined with oxygen.

So enjoy the material and give it a try; it feels awesome!!

Love you, delicious people!



Looking For Someone To Love? Learn How To Manifest Your Soulmate/Upfromsplat

Ok, this is my favorite so far.  The part that I appreciate the most is her conviction, her happy expression.  I like the steps and how informative it can become for someone that does not know about Abraham-Hicks.  I have not read yet the story of her life, but I am sure it most be very interesting.  I have had the list of the characteristics I want in the man by my side for quite a while and I appreciate them wherever and whenever I see them in a man.  You become very aware of what you want.  I cannot describe how delicious feels to live that way.

Oh, I love how informal and casual she is!!! :)

Enjoy the video, my delicious ones!



The Self Worth Cost of *Self Deprecating* Humor/Upfromsplat

There are times when I will find/attract people that teaches me so much.  This lady is so simple and so confident that no matter what she is talking about I will stop and listen to her.  And better yet, I will laugh a lot :)  This time she is talking about something that really makes people think.  I have never felt comfortable with the “self deprecating” humor so it is nice to see how others can come up with a way of putting it out there to reflect about.

I want you to enjoy Ande Waggener in this video and I will come back in a minute with one of my favorite of hers. :)  You can visit her website and enjoy her blog and videos: Up from Splat

Abraham-Hicks: “The vortex is an emotional state, the relation between you and You!!!”

My delicious vortex of attraction: I am having a delicious moment.

I cannot describe what I have felt last Tuesday about my experience of being so in my vortex while singing in a memorial mass.  This workshop of Abraham-Hicks explains it so wonderful.  Love you, Abraham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, thirthyest for publishing it on youtube. :)

Love you, delicious!


The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative … By Esther And Jerry Hicks

My delicious vortex of attraction

This book is one of the most influential books of  the Hicks for me.  Enjoy this from Google Books.

Love you, delicious!








The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham By Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks

Law of attraction: my manager!

Law of Attraction is always working. How awesome is that. I love knowing what I know. Here you have one of the books I have read and learned from in the last six years.