The wisdom of Mary Lou Retton

I have been meaning to write about my favorite comedy show at this time: Happily Divorced.  But it is the wisdom of this gymnast what has caught my attention  a minute ago.  I have never been a sport person, but I do remember her and watched some of her performances. I have seen her through the years doing some other things and have always feel her natural, happy, vibe as very likeable.  But, today this interview/video about her thinking around working out and sports related to her daughters has confirmed to me that she is a Wise Woman/Mom.

I greatly appreciate her feedback about how to approach healthy living, which for e is nothing else than living from your very vortex.

Love it, Mary Lou!

Thanks to OMG and Inside Out at Yahoo!


The Self Worth Cost of *Self Deprecating* Humor/Upfromsplat

There are times when I will find/attract people that teaches me so much.  This lady is so simple and so confident that no matter what she is talking about I will stop and listen to her.  And better yet, I will laugh a lot :)  This time she is talking about something that really makes people think.  I have never felt comfortable with the “self deprecating” humor so it is nice to see how others can come up with a way of putting it out there to reflect about.

I want you to enjoy Ande Waggener in this video and I will come back in a minute with one of my favorite of hers. :)  You can visit her website and enjoy her blog and videos: Up from Splat

How to Congratulate Someone You Don’t Like Very Much







How to Congratulate Someone You Don’t Like Very Much

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We do not need to like someone to join him/her on the joy of their achievements. All it takes is accepting looking at the very essence of each other knowing none of you can affect others experience.


  1. Making a habit out of feeling good before taking any kind of action will always grant you better results.
  2. Look for a good feeling place. Use music, pictures on a magazine, a good book to read, a nap, going for a walk, etc.
  3. Practicing virtual reality helps very much. Visualization as a mean of relaxation and putting things into perspective, will ease what you feel toward anything or anyone. In your mind, go to places you adore, meet special people you love and enjoy the company of, wear the jeans you want to buy, sit and eat your favorite dessert and drink a cup of coffee embracing the view of a marvelous sunset in front of the sea.
  4. The moment you notice there is nothing that can stop you, grab the phone and drop the message. You might not even need to talk directly to that person. You can, as well, text something sweet and honest because you are giving yourself the gift of congratulate that person from a place of non resistance.
  5. After taking action from that free resistance place, pat yourself as for your achievement of feeling the relief. What others do or think will never affect your experience unless you allow so.
  6. Congratulations, baby!


  • The feeling of challenge comes from a place of resistance.
  • Resistance come from a place of negative belief.
  • A belief has become negative when it provokes on you any other feelings but absolute love and joy.
  • A belief is nothing more than an old pattern of thought.
  • You have the ability of beginning new patterns of thought about anything in your life experience.
  • Look for ways of telling a new story.
  • Visualize as often as you can, meditate and have fun; simply get happy the way that suits you best. Always look for good feeling thoughts and let that new story co-write the book of your life.
  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Let yourself be.

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Reference Guide to Aerobic Exercise An In-Depth Look-Jen Mueller

I allow my body to move in harmony with my Inner Being.

Very few things will interest about physical health since I have read for the first time Ask and it is given. But I do appreciate well written articles which is what taking me to let you know about this one Reference Guide to Aerobic Exercise An In-Depth Look-Jen Mueller

Jen Mueller manifested her master’s degree in health promotion and education at the University of Cincinnati. She is a certified personal trainer and enjoys running marathons.  here are some other articles of her at Spark People.

Awesome cardio for you, delicious beings!

Virmared Santiago  :)

Get Happy – Just Get Happy!

Shine your Inner being out!

One of the videos I have enjoyed the most from hundreds I have seen of Abraham-Hicks, is called “Get Happy.” Over and over, Abraham will repeat to the girl on the “hot seat”, in a particular funny way, -they have an amazing sense of humor-: “Get happy!” They have said it in their workshops and books many times, as if it had not been clear enough for all of us that the only thing you need to do in this life is to get happy. Yes, get happy about anything to get everything.

People spend hundreds of dollars looking for solutions, answers or other people to tell them how to do something, but forget about the simplest thing you can do by yourself to get things working in your life. Human beings have called this many things; we have complicated the topic too often, too much. But, at the end, it is as simple as getting happy.

We should use any excuse, – I even use magazines or markers to put my attention onto something pleasant that will make me feel good and consequently happy. People forget that you can feel happy about anything. I can get happy even with smelling perfumes. We do not want to wait until something so big or “important” manifest in our day or life so we can then burst in happiness. Do you get me?

I have been a teacher for over 17 years now. I used to regret the day I became one for so long, I got sick of feeling frustration, tiredness and resentment with myself. Because I always had a very well founded sense of spirituality, I was able to allow law of attraction to work on my behalf. About five years ago my sister talked to me about Abraham-Hicks and their book “Ask and it is given.” With that book and the teachings of Abraham, my life is a before and after of this amazing awakening to what I really I am and the Laws of the Universe.

I have become aware of my Guidance System, – my emotions, of how all I think vibrates and attract all I live in my life. Being aware of it, has allowed me to control every step of the way the way I feel, so I always know what I am creating and attracting at all times. I have taken control of my life in such a way that I have never looked back.

It is easy. When I get happy I become one with the essence of who I am, I join my true nature and all I attract matches this vibration. But the best thing of all is that even if I was not interested in understanding this delicious “chicken pot pie” Abraham has offered, I now know one thing for sure and it is that getting happy is all I need.

I am sure you, who are reading me right now, have something to get happy about. Don’t you?


Much love and inspiration,

Virmared Santiago


Walking off your pounds of resistance: a Leslie Sansone gift.

Love my body!

I found Leslie Sansone as a result of my very “wishful thinking” few years ago.  I do not workout every day, rather every other day.  And, I admit I will do it when I am no fitting my pants.

I like simple things and start gradually is critical so I do not get frustrated.  I knew I was going to find something as I wanted it,  and Leslie’s walks is all that.  I am following her assignments at iVillage and just today I found two successful stories that used her walks.  Both ladies are members of  Sparkpeople.

These two ladies are Judi and Bonnie. They have done an amazing job inspiring me for my workout with Leslie at iVillage.  They enjoy the same I enjoy: walking off weight without setting  foot outside… now that is extra, mega, awesome :)  When I go outside it is because I really want to experience nature.    As Leslie says, you can not get it wrong when walking.  I suggest you start with the two mile walk and then the 3 mile.  I vary the music to make it more interesting but never get away from the basic steps of her if it is not for plain and delicious dancing -which I love!, that is how much it works for me.  :)

Give yourself a chance to connect with your body and dance to the rhythm of the joy of a body in movement. The freedom of controlling your life is worth the journey and Leslie’s “Good job” at the end of her two mile walk is worth much appreciation for inspiring us.

Happy walk, delicious people!