‘On The Floor’ By Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)

This new song “On the floor”can work wonders for JLO.  I immediately liked it and actually see her dancing to it.  Awesome! It has what the past song with Pitbull did not: good vibe.  Is an outstanding club song that anyone in the world can dance to.  Congrats!


I have just attracted another song for my daily 15 minutes Oxycise workout :)  How God is that?

I am so watching the premiere on American Idol this Thursday March 3rd.  :)

Enjoy the video teaser, delicious people and dance to it!





Aubrey Lee

Almost ten years ago a co-worker in Cincinnati talked to me about a book he had borrowed from the library.  I do not remember the title but I have never forgotten what it was about.  I still even have some photocopies he made for me.  :)  Oh, Randy!! Good pal!  The book suggested a technique for losing weight,  a non traditional one and so simple it almost sound “silly”.    Oxycise is all about breathing in and out as your only workout to lose weight.  It started with Jill Johnson, maybe 30 years ago and now her daughter, Aubrey Lee is doing the same in a so renovated and appreciated way.  I gave it a try back then and I saw it working.

Recently, after few months of really been enthusiastic about losing some weight so I can fit in my current clothes :) I got so tired of the routine and here I am desiring again feeling the wonder of the oxygen in my body, it is so easy and satisfying setting some time aside to focus on only breathing without scoring any results I will give a try again.  We never get it wrong because we never get it done, so there is so much to gain.  We never stop desiring, how awesome is that??!!!  :)  And the best thing of all is that I know it works because there is nothing more powerful than focus/attention to what you want combined with oxygen.

So enjoy the material and give it a try; it feels awesome!!

Love you, delicious people!



Whitney Houston at Celebration of Gospel 2011

The Light of Source is always shining inside of you.

Whitney is back for the second time.  I cannot describe what I felt this morning before going to work when I listened to her at the Celebretion of Gospell 2011.  I had goosebumps all over my body and confirmed I was so very right about her, -or should I say, about what I felt about what was going on in her life years ago.

Very long time ago, I received a power point presentation lacking so much perspective and taking the bible as an excuse to judge her life.  I edited it and have kept it with me for more than 5 years, I will say.  Now is finally time to let others read what I wrote on it.

For me, God has always looked at us in a loving way unable of seeing any failure or disgrace.  His eyes only see the Joy He is, the Pure Love He is, the Creator He is and two nights ago God looked at Whitney the way He has always looked at her: in perfect alignment with what she really is.  She accepted it and finally after a come back widely criticized, she has had a new come back , a brilliant one.  Not that she needed to give that to people like me, but maybe to herself because singing is her life.  I am very happy for what she certainly must have felt singing in front of an audience that stood up and never sat down until she left the stage.  Woo hoo!!!!!

Here is the magnificent review of the night by Billy Johnson, Jr. and the video inserted in it, as well, for you to enjoy.

Love you, Whitney!



Ask and it is given: a wake up workout for me! :)

I love my body!

I have been experiencing a very bad pain on my right shoulder.  And more recently, the pain is getting all over my neck and the other shoulder.  Knowing what sickness is–at least in my world– I have been taking care of the type of thoughts I am generating.  But at the same time, knowing also that my body is pure energy, I have attracted today a “Wake-up workout”, where I expected it the least–in a magazine rack in Walmart–, but wait was not a fancy/popular magazine either, it was PreventionGuide.

Tomorrow first thing in the morning I will start with it because I want to see how can I make it mine and adjust it to what I want, some sort of warming up waking in my vortex, type of thing LOL :)

I want to thank Jessica Knadler for such an informative, practical and cute article right at my hand.  Jessica is also keeping a very interesting blog http://www.rurallyscrewed.com/ with such a good taste that immediately invites you to read it and taste it, you will see what I am talking about.

PreventionGuide/Wake up workout/Jessica Knadler

Hope you enjoy it!

Delicious workout, darlings!  :)


Losing weight or getting happy?

Relax and let it happen.

I have asked and it has been given!  Yes, one more time.  I had been asking for a place and people to share inspiration with.  I wanted to find a new way of keeping myself moving.  Therefore, with no effort at all, on my yahoo email account, I saw an email from Hay House.  I usually do not open those even when I voluntary subscribed to it :) because it is too much marketing for my cells, but I still love them.  So it is that I read it fast, very fast and then I saw “sparkpeople.com

I love so much the sensation the word “spark” provokes on me that I clicked on it.  I also found out more about Chris Downie.  I fell in love with the story of the website, how such of a big city it is and that is absolutely free :) chichin  Yes, I was sold!!  It has absolutely everything you can think about to get entertained and inspired in a very user friendly fashion.

With all of that, of course, came the same reflection I get into every time I go and look at what “health and fitness professionals/experts” say and how people see themselves and their weight.  I am in a point of my life that all I want is to fit in the pants I already have.  At times I have been so uncomfortable about not been able to wear what is in my closet, that I go, work out, control my portions of food and it makes it happen quickly, without too much of an effort.  For the last two years, I will say, every time it has happened I notice the feeling of  freedom has been key.  The freedom of deciding how to do it, have fun with the movement of my body, not stopping myself from eating what I want , feeling happy and good before serving my meal so the portions really will satisfy my hunger and not my mood had played a huge role on my success of keeping myself happy and on a size 14.

No one should tell others what size to feel happy with.   Getting happy first will allow you to appreciate where you are and open widely and kindly the door to where you want to be without pushing against yourself.   No one should tell others how to feel about our weight/physical appearance or healthy habits.  In other words:  always trust yourself from a happy place, you have a very wise guidance system, your emotions!

And that is exactly what Abraham, through Esther Hicks was talking about on this youtube video.  It moved me to see the lady on it on tears because, even when I have never weight what she weights, I have been in a very similar place many times of my life, not only about weight but about embracing myself.  Abraham had helped realized this already before the DVD came out, and that I profoundly appreciate.

I am at a time of my life when getting happy is what it is all about, the rest will come along and I receive proof of it every step along the way.  Sparkpeople and its community is a huge confirmation of it.

Look for any excuses to get happy about anything at every single minute of your day.  Feel your way there and enjoy the most valuable thing of all of it: yourself, the You that already Is all you want to be.

Happy day!


Does spirituality matter?

The Voice inside of me

As Catholic children we learned spirituality does matter.  It just happened that what made us believe so back then was really the fear and guiltiness that others think is needed to make us do what they consider spiritually “correct.”  All of us have been there, haven’t we?

And then you become an adult and go through life complaining about all that you have to do in order to get something out of that God after you are very dead.  So finally, you realize that you care not about all of it.

Still, not really done with it, all that rebellion stirs up often enough and then is when the interesting part of the ride begins.  You look for ways of feeling happy because you are convinced we came here to have a good time.  And, at times, you sort of feel bad because the source of your fun has nothing to do with what you thought was good or acceptable in God’s eyes.  Sometimes, you are so determined to feel good anyways, that divorcing from that God left by the early years is the most logical end to the story.

For many, the journey back to what We Are takes time, a new life far from family, children, broken relationships, etc.  But for every one of us and every single time it all started with the certainty of a tiny little voice coming from within, the powerful voice of our Inner Being.

The voice of our Inner Being never extinguishes, accepts the name you want to give it; our Inner Being guides us even when we think is too dark and we might be considering hiding as an option.  Our Inner Being does not know fear and guiltiness because is not a judge.  That voice and you are One Consciousness.

There might be many roads of getting back to listening to it, but the certainty of getting Home is yours to define, experience and design at all times in your life.

Spirituality does matter because life matters, because you want to have the best life you were meant to have without divorcing your very essence: the Source/God inside of you.

Happy and delicious spiritual life every single day!

Virmared Santiago