‘On The Floor’ By Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)

This new song “On the floor”can work wonders for JLO.  I immediately liked it and actually see her dancing to it.  Awesome! It has what the past song with Pitbull did not: good vibe.  Is an outstanding club song that anyone in the world can dance to.  Congrats!


I have just attracted another song for my daily 15 minutes Oxycise workout :)  How God is that?

I am so watching the premiere on American Idol this Thursday March 3rd.  :)

Enjoy the video teaser, delicious people and dance to it!




Arroz con dulce (Puerto Rican Sweet rice pudding)

I have develop an interest for cooking that gets my son excited and my mom proud.  What can be better than that?  This Christmas I made “coquito” and originated an article at wiki how about it : http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Puerto-Rican–%22Coquito%22-%28Coconut-Cream-Drink%29-for-Christmas Needless to say is the article with more views by far that I have originated on wikihow, do you follow me? LOL :)  And if that is not enough, I took the “coquito” to my Christmas party at school and everybody went crazy.  I can tell you, I will not dare to go to next year’s without enough for everyone.  :)

Well, after that adventure, I made “arroz con dulce” which has taken me a little bit longer to perfection, but that I have enjoyed very much learning how to make.

Arroz con dulce. Puerto Rican sweet rice pudding.

This is briefly how:

I will put the rice in water for two hours before putting it to boil with 20-24 cloves and one stick of cinnamon for eighteen to twenty minutes.  I will drain the rice but keep the spices.  Then I will put the rice back to the pan and add  7 oz. of coconut cream, one can of condensed milk, and one can of evaporated milk.  Let it cook 10 more minutes  in medium heat-low.  Finally serve on a bowl and add raisins.  Let it cool before you put in the refrigerator for at least few hours.   This recipe is not for eating it hot or warm.  I prefer to wait until next day or let it cool for twelve hours at least.

Both recipes are part of the  Christmas cuisine for Puerto Ricans, but you can have them any time.  Give them a try and see what happens.

Enjoy delicious people!