The wisdom of Mary Lou Retton

I have been meaning to write about my favorite comedy show at this time: Happily Divorced.  But it is the wisdom of this gymnast what has caught my attention  a minute ago.  I have never been a sport person, but I do remember her and watched some of her performances. I have seen her through the years doing some other things and have always feel her natural, happy, vibe as very likeable.  But, today this interview/video about her thinking around working out and sports related to her daughters has confirmed to me that she is a Wise Woman/Mom.

I greatly appreciate her feedback about how to approach healthy living, which for e is nothing else than living from your very vortex.

Love it, Mary Lou!

Thanks to OMG and Inside Out at Yahoo!


Kirstie Alley’s renaissance

We both, Kirstie and I that is, come from very different stand points of view about life, but given that we are all One, there is something in her that makes me happy. I love seeing her shinning through. There a special exhilaration when you see someone being inside his/her vortex. Kirstie’s expression, even figure, has changed so much in 5 weeks. She was ready to have fun from day one, but you can tell, she now owns more profoundly what she is doing next to that piece of man she is dancing with, love him big time!!!!!!

I enjoy that she is at the point of her life she is, proving to herself where the strength of her life is: in being absolutely happy!!

Love you, delicious people!!


Here is a video of her appearance this week:

‘On The Floor’ By Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull)

This new song “On the floor”can work wonders for JLO.  I immediately liked it and actually see her dancing to it.  Awesome! It has what the past song with Pitbull did not: good vibe.  Is an outstanding club song that anyone in the world can dance to.  Congrats!


I have just attracted another song for my daily 15 minutes Oxycise workout :)  How God is that?

I am so watching the premiere on American Idol this Thursday March 3rd.  :)

Enjoy the video teaser, delicious people and dance to it!



Girl talk with God by Susie Shellenberger

Girl Talk with God

I have worked in a Catholic all girls school for many years now.  And, with it, many gifts have come along to my life.  I have made peace with many areas of my life as a woman, a daughter, a mom and as a human being.  From all of them the relationship with myself (with God) has been the most satisfying and meaningful as it has allowed me to become closer to what I really am: God!  That being said, the expectations toward this book were many and big.  I enjoyed and appreciate the format.  It is a very easy to read book.  The language is simple and plain, while the intention profound and transcendental for those girls that are looking for a different way of experiencing God.  The book stands as a resource for finding answers through the intimacy of the conversations the teen in them and God.

In much personal note, I would have enjoyed it much more if it was more inclusive about all of the ones that have a very rewarding relationship with God and Christ, but that are not the type of “Christians” she is defining at the beginning of the book.  In my very humble opinion,  Christ is not patrimony of a few but of humanity and anyone that is willing to live fully it’s sacredness as a Creation of our Father.

This book will be of great value for Christian adults and teens that enjoy the fundamentals of their faith.

Enjoy the reading and the beautiful picture on the front of the edition I am reviewing.

Virmared Santiago

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Abraham-Hicks: “The vortex is an emotional state, the relation between you and You!!!”

My delicious vortex of attraction: I am having a delicious moment.

I cannot describe what I have felt last Tuesday about my experience of being so in my vortex while singing in a memorial mass.  This workshop of Abraham-Hicks explains it so wonderful.  Love you, Abraham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, thirthyest for publishing it on youtube. :)

Love you, delicious!


The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham By Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks

Law of attraction: my manager!

Law of Attraction is always working. How awesome is that. I love knowing what I know. Here you have one of the books I have read and learned from in the last six years.