The wisdom of Mary Lou Retton

I have been meaning to write about my favorite comedy show at this time: Happily Divorced.  But it is the wisdom of this gymnast what has caught my attention  a minute ago.  I have never been a sport person, but I do remember her and watched some of her performances. I have seen her through the years doing some other things and have always feel her natural, happy, vibe as very likeable.  But, today this interview/video about her thinking around working out and sports related to her daughters has confirmed to me that she is a Wise Woman/Mom.

I greatly appreciate her feedback about how to approach healthy living, which for e is nothing else than living from your very vortex.

Love it, Mary Lou!

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Abraham-Hicks: “The vortex is an emotional state, the relation between you and You!!!”

My delicious vortex of attraction: I am having a delicious moment.

I cannot describe what I have felt last Tuesday about my experience of being so in my vortex while singing in a memorial mass.  This workshop of Abraham-Hicks explains it so wonderful.  Love you, Abraham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, thirthyest for publishing it on youtube. :)

Love you, delicious!


The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative … By Esther And Jerry Hicks

My delicious vortex of attraction

This book is one of the most influential books of  the Hicks for me.  Enjoy this from Google Books.

Love you, delicious!




How to Congratulate Someone You Don’t Like Very Much







How to Congratulate Someone You Don’t Like Very Much

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit

We do not need to like someone to join him/her on the joy of their achievements. All it takes is accepting looking at the very essence of each other knowing none of you can affect others experience.


  1. Making a habit out of feeling good before taking any kind of action will always grant you better results.
  2. Look for a good feeling place. Use music, pictures on a magazine, a good book to read, a nap, going for a walk, etc.
  3. Practicing virtual reality helps very much. Visualization as a mean of relaxation and putting things into perspective, will ease what you feel toward anything or anyone. In your mind, go to places you adore, meet special people you love and enjoy the company of, wear the jeans you want to buy, sit and eat your favorite dessert and drink a cup of coffee embracing the view of a marvelous sunset in front of the sea.
  4. The moment you notice there is nothing that can stop you, grab the phone and drop the message. You might not even need to talk directly to that person. You can, as well, text something sweet and honest because you are giving yourself the gift of congratulate that person from a place of non resistance.
  5. After taking action from that free resistance place, pat yourself as for your achievement of feeling the relief. What others do or think will never affect your experience unless you allow so.
  6. Congratulations, baby!


  • The feeling of challenge comes from a place of resistance.
  • Resistance come from a place of negative belief.
  • A belief has become negative when it provokes on you any other feelings but absolute love and joy.
  • A belief is nothing more than an old pattern of thought.
  • You have the ability of beginning new patterns of thought about anything in your life experience.
  • Look for ways of telling a new story.
  • Visualize as often as you can, meditate and have fun; simply get happy the way that suits you best. Always look for good feeling thoughts and let that new story co-write the book of your life.
  • Enjoy the ride!
  • Let yourself be.

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Whitney Houston at Celebration of Gospel 2011

The Light of Source is always shining inside of you.

Whitney is back for the second time.  I cannot describe what I felt this morning before going to work when I listened to her at the Celebretion of Gospell 2011.  I had goosebumps all over my body and confirmed I was so very right about her, -or should I say, about what I felt about what was going on in her life years ago.

Very long time ago, I received a power point presentation lacking so much perspective and taking the bible as an excuse to judge her life.  I edited it and have kept it with me for more than 5 years, I will say.  Now is finally time to let others read what I wrote on it.

For me, God has always looked at us in a loving way unable of seeing any failure or disgrace.  His eyes only see the Joy He is, the Pure Love He is, the Creator He is and two nights ago God looked at Whitney the way He has always looked at her: in perfect alignment with what she really is.  She accepted it and finally after a come back widely criticized, she has had a new come back , a brilliant one.  Not that she needed to give that to people like me, but maybe to herself because singing is her life.  I am very happy for what she certainly must have felt singing in front of an audience that stood up and never sat down until she left the stage.  Woo hoo!!!!!

Here is the magnificent review of the night by Billy Johnson, Jr. and the video inserted in it, as well, for you to enjoy.

Love you, Whitney!



How to Define Your Passion in Life

Believe in yourself!

How to Define Your Passion in Life

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
What gives form or meaning to your existence is the most beautiful adventure to exercise. You cannot diminish it or alter it, it is always latent inside of you, and will await you in case you have detoured for a coffee before embracing it.


  1. Be happy. As with anything related to your essence, making silence, enjoying life, getting happy is crucial for defining your passion in life.
  2. You have a guidance system. It does not matter how old you are, that passion is always knocking on the door of your emotions. Whatever makes you feel happy has a piece of your passion.
  3. Sit quietly and list all activities you like to do and get involved with even if not directly.
  4. Keep in mind that if you have detoured for the coffee, you might love things that you do not get involved with directly, but they are as truly passions as those you recognize instantly.
  5. You might even have many passions. It is fine to have as many as the number of things you enjoy doing.
  6. Devote at least 20 % of your time a day to one of those activities and FEEL the experience.
  7. Keep a journal per day. Maybe one to three sentences is enough for you to scan your thoughts and emotions toward those activities, so then you can determine what really is your passion.


Define what makes you feel unstoppable and never give up on that you cannot go a day without think about.


  • Relax. Drink a coffee or cup of wine and let yourself be watching the sunset.
  • Enjoy life. Give a hug. Kiss him/her feeling how your feet get off the floor.
  • Get happy, look for any excuses. No one will know what you use as a reason to smile.
  • Meditate. Meditation can become something as simple as remaining happy and centered on washing dishes or taking a bath.
  • Exercise your freedom of creating. You are creating and generating brilliant new ideas 24/7 and the best thing is that you do not need a patent to put them to work for your benefit and those around you. :)
  • Go with the flow. Life will reveal anything you need to know.

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