I have always known I was destined to write.  Once in high school, I also knew the power of words, of my words.  In college, I discovered how much I enjoy communicating and receiving immediate feedback from all type of audiences.

Always avid to live free and profoundly, I have posed many questions to the Universe for many years.  Life has gotten me through journeys that have inspired me to do things I was no quite sure I was ever going to able to do and have answered kindly and lovingly each question.

As a daughter, a woman, a teacher, a mom and now as an inspirational speaker, I have become an exceptional recipient of life and joy coloring with my speech, music, singing, writing and painting all that surrounds me.

Holding my son’s hand, I am living the best time of my life and for that I feel much appreciation.

I want you to experience with my creations the same joy, appreciation and exhilaration I experience every time I let them in and be.

Be happy, be a creator!



For seventeen years Virmared has taught in Puerto Rico and the United States high schools. His first ebook, “Plena Abundancia,” (“Absolute Abundance”) is a collection of inspirational affirmations written with her sister Marta Santiago. Virmared and Marta also host a Blog Talk Radio show every Sunday at 10:0 am: Virma Creations. Her podcast is also available on Itunes.  She is currently a happy teacher in a private school in Miami where she continues to get inspired by her students. Virmared is also an inspirational speaker, artist, and singer. She has a 15 year old son who is her light and the best co-creator of her life. Virmared was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, to Marta Rodríguez and Eddie Santiago and grew up in the small city of Yauco.


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