How to Define Your Passion in Life

Believe in yourself!

How to Define Your Passion in Life

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What gives form or meaning to your existence is the most beautiful adventure to exercise. You cannot diminish it or alter it, it is always latent inside of you, and will await you in case you have detoured for a coffee before embracing it.


  1. Be happy. As with anything related to your essence, making silence, enjoying life, getting happy is crucial for defining your passion in life.
  2. You have a guidance system. It does not matter how old you are, that passion is always knocking on the door of your emotions. Whatever makes you feel happy has a piece of your passion.
  3. Sit quietly and list all activities you like to do and get involved with even if not directly.
  4. Keep in mind that if you have detoured for the coffee, you might love things that you do not get involved with directly, but they are as truly passions as those you recognize instantly.
  5. You might even have many passions. It is fine to have as many as the number of things you enjoy doing.
  6. Devote at least 20 % of your time a day to one of those activities and FEEL the experience.
  7. Keep a journal per day. Maybe one to three sentences is enough for you to scan your thoughts and emotions toward those activities, so then you can determine what really is your passion.


Define what makes you feel unstoppable and never give up on that you cannot go a day without think about.


  • Relax. Drink a coffee or cup of wine and let yourself be watching the sunset.
  • Enjoy life. Give a hug. Kiss him/her feeling how your feet get off the floor.
  • Get happy, look for any excuses. No one will know what you use as a reason to smile.
  • Meditate. Meditation can become something as simple as remaining happy and centered on washing dishes or taking a bath.
  • Exercise your freedom of creating. You are creating and generating brilliant new ideas 24/7 and the best thing is that you do not need a patent to put them to work for your benefit and those around you. :)
  • Go with the flow. Life will reveal anything you need to know.

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How to Establish a Personal Quiet Time With God

How to Establish a Personal Quiet Time With God

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A quiet time with God sometimes has been made more complicated than what it is. But, you are always with Him and when you really believe so, that quiet time comes along easily.


  1. Make a habit out of exercising appreciation before going to bed accompanied of some minutes of silence. At first, that “silence” will be flooded of thinking–all sort of thoughts, but that is normal and you should rest importance to it. Remember, this life experience does not work based on exclusion, but inclusion. Embrace yourself and your appreciation thoughts.
  2. First thing in the morning, the second you wake up, do the same while laying on bed.
  3. Exercise appreciation every time you can during the day. You are going to get used to the feeling of it. You will notice that your quiet time before bed time will become more effective because it will be centered on what You really are.
  4. Once you are up in the morning, you can set aside at least ten minutes to practice any breathing exercises–that is what yoga is about, to intensify getting your attention off of your daily activities. 20 to 30 minutes might make it. Your entire mind and body will ask for stillness to become One with God. Try it!


“Get into the Vortex Meditations” are a great tool to establish quiet time with God who lives with you in the Vortex.


  • Disconnect from any source of media–even of talking on the phone, for example, a while before you go to bed.
  • Play any music that make you feel good and connected with your essence until you are ready to let in happy thoughts.
  • Rewind the “movie” of your day and look for happy moments.
  • Let your inside talk to you and embrace silence any time you can throughout the day. It always works!
  • Trust yourself, you are never separated from Him. You just need to quiet down a little your surroundings, to tune in better.

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Funny moments with Abraham-Hicks

Joy, joy, joy!

I have just found this video compound of a collection of VERY funny moments with Abraham-Hicks at their workshops.  Enjoy the laughing and joy of the audiences it is worth every minute. LOL  :) Thanks marypoppins87 on youtube!!!

Happy laughing, babies!





The best coffee ever: La llave!

A cup of pure flavor.

I am a very, very passionate lover of real good coffee. Few years ago I attracted the best one: La llave. It has a body and aroma that I never had in any other coffee before. La llave is always with me, it is the very first thing in the morning I do after I have brushed my teeth. It is there with me either before or after I meditate and again with “leche” (milk) some cinnamon and whip cream with my breakfast before I leave to school. Even my sister has fallen in love with it!

Well, enjoy a cup of it, babies! :)


Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations and User Guide

I am Source. I am, Iam.

Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations and User Guide is one of my favorite books/CD’s of Abraham-Hicks. Soothing, profound and simple way of understanding life and what we are. Such a way of experiencing peace and joy at the same time. Pure relief! I listen to it every day. Never was a fan of guided meditations, this is something special and different.

Highly, highly recommended for getting to experience who you really are when listening to wisdom and celestial music.

Love you, Abraham! :)


What a feeling!

I had an awesome day yesterday, as usual :) I finished with midterms at school and left early. I was able to get fingerprints done, finally!!!!! And then, I waited an hour for my son’s dismissal. I know, I can do things sort of silly. But the thing is that while waiting I started sinking on a sea of boredom. I did not like the way I felt so immediately tried to raise my vibration with happy thinking. All of a sudden, on 93.9 (love it), I started listening to Irene Cara’s gold song What a feeling. The entire song reminded me so well of the role of thoughts, visualization and law of attraction I was ecstatic.
OMG, it felt so awesome the raising feeling on the story of the song I was able to understand entirely for the first time.  Yes, for us, Puerto Rican people, when you come to the states and become fully bilingual, this type of discovery feels like a miracle after being singing a song you understand only half way.  LOL

So now, I bought it on Itunes, of course, and I was wondering what had happened to Irene.  I found her website and what she’s doing now.  She is a MONSTER :)  I am very, very happy for all she has accomplished and she continues to manifest.

Enjoy this video and remix of sergioluna80s

Love ya, babies!


“Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” Cover by Arielle

I have blogged about her before and I cannot resist sharing this with my readers.  Arielle O’Keefe, singer/songwriter has a singular talent.  Her performance is topped with the best of her vocals, arrangements and histrionic skills. Such a way of performing in front of a camera!  Loved her song choice to cover on this video.

Enjoy her, delicious readers!