The wisdom of Mary Lou Retton

I have been meaning to write about my favorite comedy show at this time: Happily Divorced.  But it is the wisdom of this gymnast what has caught my attention  a minute ago.  I have never been a sport person, but I do remember her and watched some of her performances. I have seen her through the years doing some other things and have always feel her natural, happy, vibe as very likeable.  But, today this interview/video about her thinking around working out and sports related to her daughters has confirmed to me that she is a Wise Woman/Mom.

I greatly appreciate her feedback about how to approach healthy living, which for e is nothing else than living from your very vortex.

Love it, Mary Lou!

Thanks to OMG and Inside Out at Yahoo!



Aubrey Lee

Almost ten years ago a co-worker in Cincinnati talked to me about a book he had borrowed from the library.  I do not remember the title but I have never forgotten what it was about.  I still even have some photocopies he made for me.  :)  Oh, Randy!! Good pal!  The book suggested a technique for losing weight,  a non traditional one and so simple it almost sound “silly”.    Oxycise is all about breathing in and out as your only workout to lose weight.  It started with Jill Johnson, maybe 30 years ago and now her daughter, Aubrey Lee is doing the same in a so renovated and appreciated way.  I gave it a try back then and I saw it working.

Recently, after few months of really been enthusiastic about losing some weight so I can fit in my current clothes :) I got so tired of the routine and here I am desiring again feeling the wonder of the oxygen in my body, it is so easy and satisfying setting some time aside to focus on only breathing without scoring any results I will give a try again.  We never get it wrong because we never get it done, so there is so much to gain.  We never stop desiring, how awesome is that??!!!  :)  And the best thing of all is that I know it works because there is nothing more powerful than focus/attention to what you want combined with oxygen.

So enjoy the material and give it a try; it feels awesome!!

Love you, delicious people!



How to Define Your Passion in Life

Believe in yourself!

How to Define Your Passion in Life

from wikiHow – The How to Manual That You Can Edit
What gives form or meaning to your existence is the most beautiful adventure to exercise. You cannot diminish it or alter it, it is always latent inside of you, and will await you in case you have detoured for a coffee before embracing it.


  1. Be happy. As with anything related to your essence, making silence, enjoying life, getting happy is crucial for defining your passion in life.
  2. You have a guidance system. It does not matter how old you are, that passion is always knocking on the door of your emotions. Whatever makes you feel happy has a piece of your passion.
  3. Sit quietly and list all activities you like to do and get involved with even if not directly.
  4. Keep in mind that if you have detoured for the coffee, you might love things that you do not get involved with directly, but they are as truly passions as those you recognize instantly.
  5. You might even have many passions. It is fine to have as many as the number of things you enjoy doing.
  6. Devote at least 20 % of your time a day to one of those activities and FEEL the experience.
  7. Keep a journal per day. Maybe one to three sentences is enough for you to scan your thoughts and emotions toward those activities, so then you can determine what really is your passion.


Define what makes you feel unstoppable and never give up on that you cannot go a day without think about.


  • Relax. Drink a coffee or cup of wine and let yourself be watching the sunset.
  • Enjoy life. Give a hug. Kiss him/her feeling how your feet get off the floor.
  • Get happy, look for any excuses. No one will know what you use as a reason to smile.
  • Meditate. Meditation can become something as simple as remaining happy and centered on washing dishes or taking a bath.
  • Exercise your freedom of creating. You are creating and generating brilliant new ideas 24/7 and the best thing is that you do not need a patent to put them to work for your benefit and those around you. :)
  • Go with the flow. Life will reveal anything you need to know.

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Dulce Candy87 and the art of being a happy talented fashion blogger!

Shine, you are beautiful.

As I have shared before, I love surfing the net.  So, when I am so at my vortex, meaning, when I am so happy with all I am  and all that surrounds me, I find exquisite beings doing the same.  :)

That is what happened with a fashion blogger I love: Dulce Candy.  She is dulcecandy87 on youtube but also has a website.  There are thousands or millions, I am sure, of young women doing what she does, each of them have something special and a unique way of manifesting the millions of followers that they nurture on a daily basis with their videos, reviews and brilliant ideas.

5 things I enjoy and appreciate about Dulce Candy:

She has a very simple and genuine style of communicating.

She is very honest in sharing what works for her and is not afraid of being natural or of speaking a lot, like me!  :)

She uses a variety of products: expensive and not expensive at all.

She is a mom so people like me relates to her even when I am in my forties already.

She is very practical and is so inside of her “bubble” (so very healthy!), she does not care she is most of the time looking at her self on the mirror rather than to the camera LOL. I lover her!  :)

Here is a recent video of her.  Please browse for much more of her with enough time because you will fall in love with her ways.:

Much love,


Law of attraction at service. You can have it all!

Wanted or not wanted, Law of Attraction is always matching what you think about. Why not turn things around in our lives in a way that pleases us. Why not sign at the bottom of the page with the pleasure of being the exclusive authors of this passionate book of our lives.

Confirming that there is something else about this Universe more than doctrines, took some time. Nevertheless, at the end, not only did I discover, or “remember”?- what life is about, but I have put it to work on my behalf, as well.

For the longest time, I thought that my desire of inspiring others, writing or doing radio was fought with the decision I made of becoming a teacher. That is without mentioning that such decision was made when pushed against the wall once I returned from Spain, where I studied for some years. When I was getting somehow adjusted, Jorge (my son) came into my life or should I say, I manifested him? But that will be a topic for another article, I am sure.

To my frustration with my profession were added other challenges of my life as a single mom. I knew it was not impossible to raise kids by yourself, – my mom did it with three, but I was totally without hope by the end of 2000. It was then when I closed my eyes and decided to take on the adventure of coming to the United States with my fear of English under my arm and the unconditional hand of my sister, who was already living here- and my family on Puerto Rico.

Almost eleven years have passed since then and it pleases me profoundly to say I am the happiest teacher I have ever been. It was never was more clear for me that I can have it ALL. In less than two years, I have manifested a radio talk show online, the publication of my first ebook being sold on Kindle USA /UK, a solid career as a teacher, sublime special students, and a web page showcasing all my work as an inspirational speaker/writer/artist and singer. And if you ask me, the most exciting thing of all is the certainty of knowing this is just the beginning of all of it.

Responsible of all these big turns around are the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. It has changed my life from day one when my sister introduced me to their book “Ask and it is Given.” The second I started reading it, I knew I had come across words that would demarcate a before and after in my life.

I have experienced that you attract everything in your life: wanted or unwanted. Wherever you place your focus of attention will determine how you feel, how you will vibrate and consequently what is coming up, what is about to be manifested. It is all a very simple and perfect equation. How much more control can we ask for in our lives?

Using our power to build up our lives is our right and a very passionate delicious adventure to take on. I assure you so! Out there are millions of people agreeing with me and even those that are not, are living the effects of law of attraction.

We are CREATORS, free and exceptional by nature and this conviction cannot be given by religion or spiritual masters. It comes from the determination of experiencing and getting your hands in the clay and playing with it until a vessel takes life on its own as a result of what is being learned.

Experience writing the book of your lives. Experience the pleasure of putting the Laws of the Universe at your service.

Create in joy! Creating in joy is the reason we came here. I know that for a fact!

A hug of light!

Virmared Santiago